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The study of a musical instrument is enormously satisfying at any age.  There are people at all levels of accomplishment who enjoy making music with others with similar skill levels.  As well as the enjoyment of the music itself, the greater understanding and appreciation of the difficulties involved bring a greater enjoyment of the performance of others.


Several members of the orchestra are active instrumental teachers and all members are able to provide helpful advice to parents seeking to start their child on private lessons.  In order to make rapid progress it is usually necessary to augment public school teaching with a private instructor, even if the instructor supplied by the public schoot is a specialist in the instrument of choice.  This is true because public school lessons are generally of a group nature and don't offer the teacher enough time to fully satisfy the needs of each student.

We also recommend that parents start the process by first finding that teacher - before purchasing an instrument.  Renting an instrument for a short term to allow a student to get acquainted is not necessarily a bad idea but a teacher has the knowledge and experience to evaluate and appraise an instrument before it is purchased.  This is especially true of used instruments which, if previously used by a student, are likely to have been abused.






Beth Abbate          violin/viola

Sheryl Lafayette    violin/viola

Carol Birdsall         violin 

Angel Valchinov     violin/viola

Susan Jackson        flute

Jennifer Chiapella    flute

David Chick             oboe

Margaret Romero    trumpet


Susan Minor    


Robin Farnsley

Zachary Ballard 

Ray Bauwens

Judy Ross               harp


Former CCO Guest Artists who also Teach



Shaylor Lindsay

Kathleen Forgac


Aaron Larget-Caplan  guitar


Local Resources for the study of Music Performance

Concord Conservatory of Music

The Concord Conservatory of Music offers instruction in a wide variety of musical instruments, including stringed, woodwind, brass, and percussion. It also includes courses focusing on a variety of musical genres.