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CCO was formed because we, the founders, wanted an orchestra we could enjoy playing in.  We knew up front that it would be a huge amount of work and high cost, especially at first, but we hoped that by attracting like-minded folks, the burden of management would be reasonable.  We also believe that by carefully selecting our programming and guest artists for audience appeal we could look forward to reducing our financial contribution to a manageable level.

We have had a very successful two concert seasons but we still have work to do to insure a secure future.  Money is of course always a major concern.  Even though we are operating  with a very low budget, the cost of operation this season is projected to be at least $22K, with the addition of  reimbursement to the church for the use of their facility.  Now that we have officially received the 501c3 status by the IRS, we are more aggressively pursuing potential contributors and corporate funding sources and hope to develop a sound financial foundation for the long term.

The more critical question is whether we are going to be able to attract and hold a sufficient number of qualified and committed members.  All of the feedback we have received so far indicates that there is a high degree of player satisfaction with CCO but there are a limited number of musicians, especially string players, within any community and a number of organizations competing for their services.  We have lost only a few members and only for reasons completely beyond their control.  Serious medical issues, relocation out of state, or out of the country, and job conflicts have all contributed to or threatened the loss of members.  Every member we lose is special and requires a great degree of effort to find a qualified replacement.  We  are of course also using ringers who we know up front are not able to commit to membership and we very much appreciate their participation.  However there is a limited amount in the budget available to use for ringers.  In any case a complete core orchestra of members is necessary to have effective rehearsals.  

It is our belief that the future of classical music is largely dependent on the success of small orchestras like ours and it is essential that they are well recognized and appreciated within the community they serve.  We are hopeful that CCO will continue to prosper and present performances that exceed audience expectations well into the future.