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Our Financial Model

It is no secret that orchestras are finding it ever more difficult to continue operating, especially in these difficult economic times.  As a largely volunteer ensemble, the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra has been able to maintain its operations with a very low overall budget.  During the 2014-15 season we were able to offer three concerts at a total operating cost of approximately $15K.  This operating economy was due in part to the generosity of the Carlisle Congregational Church in providing us with a venue for rehearsals and performances free for our initial season.  We also have no paid administrative personnel, and we are maintaining a very strict policy of cost control at every level.  Further details regarding our operating budget for this past season can be found on our Budget page.


We have chosen, at least for now, to offer our concerts free to the public with a request for donations at the door.  This has so far proved successful because most attendees make the donation without hesitation so that our audience revenue is not much reduced and the performance remains available to those with limited means.  In any case, the income from gate receipts provides only a fraction of the orchestra's operating cost.  Public grants, corporate contributions, and private donations are needed to recruit guest artists, pay for music rental, and provide some measure of compensation for those orchestra members with exceptional levels of skill and responsibiliity.

Donations may also be mailed to: CCO, PO Box 95, Carlisle, MA 01741

Our upcoming 2015-16 season will require a budget of approximately $22K because we will be presenting a full season of four performances.  Also we will be reimbursing the church for the additional cost that our presence places upon their facility


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$100 to 199         Supporter

$200 to $499       Sustainer

$500 to $999       Sponsor

$1000 and up      Benefactor

Donations are of course welcome in any amount but for those who are able to make a substantial commitment, we are offering several levels of recognition.  These are: