Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

Live Music Matters


Our 2014-15 season operating budget is broken down into six relatively equal parts.  As can be seen in the legend, only about one-sixth of the budget went toward  administrative tasks.  Another sixth was for music rental/purchase.  The remainder included a minimal compensation for the conductor, concert-master, fill-in musicians (including instrument cartage), and guest artists.  In no case did these compensations rise to the level of a fair payment for services. They were either to fill chairs critical to a performance that are not needed on a regular basis - or, in the case of the conductor, concert-master, and guest artists, to provide some measure of compensation for accepting an extraordinary amount of responsibility and associated time committment.




2014-15 was CCO's first season.  Our non-profit status was not recognized and fund-raising activities were not yet established.  As a result, three-fourths of our $15K Budget was supplied from private donations - principally from the founders.  Now that we are a certified non-profit under section 501c3 of the internal revenue code, we are able to persue funding from all available sources.

For the 2015-16 season our annual budget will rise to approximately $22K to support a full four concerts.  The Carlisle Congregational Church has been most generous in allowing us to get started without a facilities cost, but we now need to compensate them for the additional cost that our presence places on the maintenance and operation of their facility. Also our dependence on a single private donor is unsustainable.  Therefore the establishment of other funding sources is absolutely necessary for the long-term survival of the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra.

The CCO Operating Expenses and Income for the 2014-2015 Concert Season