Carlisle Chamber Orchestra

Live Music Matters

                                   Access to the church sanctuary is very convenient for the disabled and for those assisting.

The CCO Performance Venue

Ideal Listening Environment:

                                                    The sanctuary of the Carlisle Congregational Church provides an ideal environment in which to perform and hear a chamber music ensemble. It has adequate space for a chamber orchestra with semi-surround seating on padded pews that places the listener close to the musicians.

Superb Acoustics:

Year Round Venue:

                                 The church sanctuary provides an excellent live acoustic environment without being excessively reverberant.

     The Carlisle Congregational Church is air conditioned for use throughout the year.

Disability Access:

Performance Venue

Our primary performance venue is in the sanctuary of the Carlisle Congregational Church. Seating is in a herring-bone arrangement which provides for ample audience accommodation. It also places the audience relatively close to the musicians for a more intimate listening experience.


A pull-down screen was used to show snap-shots of life in the year 1915 during the performance of Samuel Barber's "Knoxville: Summer of 1915."

Venue Features